Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What are our friends up to?

We have friends all over and they do amazing shit too! Check out these peeps who are totally down with the Mooster Records fam!

Our bud Travis in South Carolina has an amazing label! ECCENTRIC POP RECORDS

Their latest release was a flashback for me. Sweet Baby "It's A Girl" reissue LP

Pre-Order! Records will ship on or before April 7th!
This is a one-time pressing on pink vinyl, limited to 500 copies!
Formed in Berkeley, California in 1986, Sweet Baby (and their contemporaries Operation Ivy, Crimpshrine, the Mr. T Experience, etc) played a seminal role in the earliest days of the Gilman Street punk scene. Many credit Sweet Baby with inventing an entirely new genre of music – one which melds the harmonic pop sensibilities of the Beatles and the Everly Brothers with the frenetic four-on-the-floor song structures of the Ramones and the Buzzcocks. It's a genre that came to be called “pop punk,” and it’s a genre that Sweet Baby defined and perfected years before anyone else.
Out of print on vinyl for over twenty years, Sweet Baby’s “It’s A Girl” LP has attained a cult-like following and has influenced virtually every pop-leaning punk band of the last two decades. Eccentric Pop Records is beyond stoked to (finally!) offer this limited edition reissue pressing – featuring completely remastered audio and pressed on pink vinyl, this album has never looked or sounded better!!!


 JOLLY RONNIE RECORDS and Ryan is another awesome friend and label in Texas. The one time he was in Chicago I took him and his family to the wrong hot dog place. Jolly Ronnie put out an amazing record by THE SPASTIC HEARTS from OHIO(home of the working man)!

i stole this from their page to tell you about them:

"The Spastic Hearts" came together the spring of 2012, and released their first S/T album. They have toured Europe with friends from Italy, "The Teenage Bubblegums"!!
Their newest album "No Girls No Fun" was just released October 2014 on "Jolly Ronnie", and "Swamp Cabbage Records"!!! So Go check it out!! Rockin melodic tunes, with influences from the Ramones, Chuck Berry, and 50's rock n roll. 


grab the record here


Andrew is on top of things, i just got around to checking out the Neutral Milk Hotel tribute, Im a dum dum. You know better! Check it out now!

SCR-40 “The Songs of Neutral Milk Hotel: A tribute” LP

SCR-040 “The songs of Neutral Milk Hotel: A Tribute” LP, Featuring Off With Their HeadsMischief BrewDays N DazeGnarly WhalesThat Really Awesome Guy With A Guitar – tragwag,The Slow PoisonerEndless Mike and the Beagle Club, and Inspector 34.
Co-Released by Fringe Sound RecordsSwamp Cabbage RecordsPocket Cat! Records.
Don’t wait. Pick it up in the store here!

--------------------------did-------------i-------------steal------------that------------from-----------his-------page?----------------damn------------right------------i----------did------------we love you!

Heres some other stuff weve been jamming!

Down in Nashville, the Patton brothers (formerly of The Loblaws) are cooking up something real nice for the beginning of baseball season. Their baseball rock band Vista Blue just posted its first tunes and have a cassette coming this summer! Check it here:

KEXP Presents: JEFF The Brotherhood

Beat the Champ is about professional wrestling, which was an avenue of escape for me when I was a kid. Wrestling was low-budget working class entertainment back then, strictly UHF material. It was cheap theater. You had to bring your imagination to the proceedings and you got paid back double. I wrote these songs to re-immerse myself in the blood and fire of the visions that spoke to me as a child, and to see what more there might be in them now that I'm grown.
— John Darnielle, Durham, NC

 STILETTOBOMB Stiletto Bomb is a punk rock band from Western Mass. featuring male/female vocal dynamics, shredding guitars, pounding drums and fast paced, melodic songs with catchy hooks and sing-a-long choruses. The band formed in January 2014, originally as J Prozac and The Stilettos,


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