Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Scharpling & Wurster Box set

This 16 disc set released by The Número Group is unbelievable. The Número Group has really out done themselves with this one.

Living in Chicago it is a little embarrassing to say, but this is my first purchase from Número. (My phone keeps autocorrecting with the accent). 

Being a fan of The Best Show(on WFMU) since late 2007 when my buddy Dan introduced it to me on a tour of the US, I had to snatch up this all encompassing box set. 

16 discs spanning a 13 year radio career of Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster calls into the subversive radio show/podcast, nothing is left to the imagination. 

A 108 page book with essays from Patton Oswalt, Julie Klausner, AP Mike! And more tell their own personal stories about The Best Show. 

Also included is a USB drive disguised as a cassette tape containing all of the 19 discs and some bonus material. A little envelope with tons of ephemera like temp tats, postcards and my favorite, a map of the fictional town of Newbridge, New Jersey by one of my fave illustrators Scott Teplin. It's so glorious!

The final piece of the puzzle is an actual piece of the smashed phone that Jon Wurster used to make calls in to The Best Show. An actual piece of history. I'm blown away!

As an often ridiculed fan of one of the most underappreciated comedic talents in the game, I am very pleased with the $100 price tag that goes along with this box set. Having the USB drive will probably keep me from actually taking out the CDs but it's all the same. If you dig this and feel like dropping the Bickies, pick one up at and PLEASE FOR GODS SAKE, LISTEN TO THE BEST SHOW!!! Every Tueaday night at or on iTunes. The archives are still up for the past 13 years at too



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