Monday, August 31, 2015

DOUBTFIRE - Video for "California" Featuring Bil McRackin & J Prozac

Bil McRackin and J Prozac, of their respective long running pop punk bands the McRackins (Vancouver, Canada) and The Prozacs (Massachusetts, USA) came up with the idea of collaborating on a couple songs....which turned into writing and recording a full length album together. Across 3000 miles and International borders, both Bil and J contributed with the writing of music and lyrics on 10 original new songs and 2 cover tracks, as well as playing the instruments and singing lead and backing vocals together in true collaborative form. J flew to Vancouver and spent a week in the studio with Bil, laying down the tracks that would eventually become Doubtfire! German artist Ole O'Brian of The Evil O'Brians came up with the album concept and illustrations, rounding out the international theme of the project. The album is being released by Jerkoff/Ratgirl Records in September of 2015. Enjoy.

The 8 Bit music video for "Doubtfire - California" from the self titled debut album by DOUBTFIRE was created by Aaron Romero, based on the superhero concepts of J Prozac and Bil McRackin, originally illustrated by German artist Ole O'Brian.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Brooklyn Queer-Core band, the Homewreckers, release LP on Chicago’s Mooster Records & Nashville’s Nervous Nelly Records

Mooster Records & Nervous Nelly are excited to announce the release of “I, Statements” the first full-length LP by queer-core / pop-punkers the Homewreckers, fronted by artist, activist, and writer, Cristy C. Road. 500 copies pressed on aqua sea foam colored vinyl, the 13 tracks take the listener on a journey through depression and heartbreak,colonialism and gentrification, latina identity, and queer autonomy from the state.

The long awaited album was recorded in two days by Pennsylvania-based Michael Kerchner and mastered by Jade Payne of Aye Nako. While the album features instrumentation by past band members, new bandmates, Anameili and Jamie Nieves, have breathed new life into the band. Both new members are super stoked to be a part of this “band/legacy/sitcom”. Road says, “Our story has a happy culmination, despite the bittersweet journey it’s been, but that’s what pop-punk is for!!!”

With a firm belief that their everyday lives should reinforce the subjects of their songs, each member of the Homewreckers is active in their community. Their volunteerism includes Girls Rock Camp, Queer Rock Camp, and Brooklyn Transcore Collective, a punk collective in Brooklyn that focuses on highlighting transgender artists in counter culture. The band has even contributed income from shows to organizations like the Queer Detainee Empowerment Project, Support NY, Ali Forney Center, Audre Lorde Project, Ferguson Legal Defense Fund, Girls Rock Camp, Queer Rock Camp, Fierce!, and the Black N Brown Punk Show Collective in Chicago.

The band plans to promote the album with a mini tour of New York City, Philadelphia, and New Brunswick this fall. Dates to be announced.

Pre-order for the September 4th release begins Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 and can be ordered at

Interviews and download codes for review available upon request.

About The Homewreckers
The Homewreckers are a queer-core / pop-punk outfit from the salty depths of Brooklyn, NY. They were founded in 2008 when illustrator, Cristy Road, and her friend J got together to write emotionally-distraught pop-punk songs about crush problems and manic depression. Given the sexist and racist agenda that sadly informs the history of punk, navigating their way out of the dark clouds of Cristy Road's self-esteem took a minute... Eventually, they found their power after completing a couple of songs and forged through those invisible walls of self-hate with their first 7" in 2009 on Kissed Of Death Records with Crystal on drums and Frank on Guitar. With time, The Homewreckers grew, Cristy found her diaphragm, and the band transformed between several lineup changes and dark episodes. They released a split 7” with California punk City Mouse on Mooster Records in 2013. The

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

BACK IN TIME: The Back To The Future Documentary

Gravitas Ventures has announced the release of  BACK IN TIME, directed by Jason Aron, featuring interviews with Michael J. Fox, Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg, Bob Gale, Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd. ‘Back in Time’ looks at both the making of the original film and the fan culture that has developed over the years. It will be available on VOD, DVD/Blu-ray and select theaters on the very day Marty McFly (Fox) arrived in ‘Back to the Future 2’ – on “Future Day,” October 21, 2015.

In ‘Back in Time,’ cast, crew, and fans explore the classic time-travel trilogy's resonance throughout pop culture. As the project evolved it took them from the joyous nostalgia at a massive London fan event to the living rooms of Michael J. Fox, Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg, Bob Gale, Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd as well as Huey Lewis, James Tolkan (“Mr. Strickland”) Claudia Wells (“Jennifer Parker”) and more. Nothing is overlooked as they explore everything from Eric Stoltz’s casting to the invention of the hoverboard. Travelling throughout the world and leaving no stone unturned brings unparalleled behind-the-scenes access to the “BTTF” lexicon.

“Iconic documentaries, like a bolt of lightning, only come around so often,” said Nolan Gallagher, Founder and CEO of Gravitas Ventures, “we are honored to be a part of the ‘Back to the Future’ mythology and bring this must-have film to the millions of fans who have loved the trilogy all these years.”

Filmmakers Jason Aron and Lee Leshen add, “As both fans of the trilogy and filmmakers, it was extremely important for us to have this documentary seen by as many people as possible. We knew within minutes of meeting Nolan that the team at Gravitas would make that dream a possibility."
In addition to original cast and crew support, ‘Back in Time’ was directed by Jason Aron, who also served as Executive Producer with Louis Krubich, Akrum Sheikh and Ronald Ferguson. Adam F. Goldberg (“The Goldberg’s”) served as Co-Executive Producer. Lee Leshen produced.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

SNEAK PEEK! 2 New Records coming from MOOSTER RECORDS in September!

We are hard at work here at Mooster Records but I wanted to take the time to share the covers of our two upcoming releases! September will see the release of both a brand new 7" from Washintong politi-pop punks MORAL CRUX called "Revolution" and the debut full length from New York queer-core punkers THE HOMEWRECKERS. Both releases will be out by September and below is the debut of the art work for both. PRE ORDER info coming soon! Have a great weekend!

(art may differ slightly from what is posted above, still in progress)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"On the Record with Mick Rock" Sundays 8pm ET on Ovation TV


Most great rock-n-roll provides a backbeat to narrative, its all about the story. There is no song without the story. Yes, "My Sharona" might be a great song but what does it mean really? In order to get to the real guts of great songs and great music, you need to know who is behind it and where they all started. One man that has perfected the art of  getting the stories is Mick Rock!

Legendary rock-n-roll photographer, Mick Rock is known as "The Man Who Shot the Seventies,” but this summer he’s stepping in front of the camera to host his own show, On The Record With Mick Rock, premiered on Ovation TV Sunday, August 2 at 8pm ET.

Rock is a British photographer best known for capturing iconic images of rock and roll legends. From Queen and David Bowie to the Sex Pistols and Blondie, Rock is often referred to as "The Man Who Shot the Seventies."  Today, Mick is as in-demand as ever; photographing legends-in-the-making like Snoop Dog, Daft Punk, The Killers, Cee Lo Green, and the Black Keys, among many others.

Photo of Daft Punk by Mick Rock

The series will follow Mick as he visits the hometowns of musicians Josh Groban, Patti LaBelle, Kings of Leon, and The Flaming Lips. The conversations that ensue are candid, unconventional, and shed light on the unknown stories behind an album cover, record release, or tour. 

In the below clip hear a small snippet of Mick talk about his experiences with The Beatles, tune in every Sunday at 8 ET to hear the full story.

Here are the highlights of each episode:

ON THE RECORD WITH MICK ROCK: Josh Groban - Premieres Sunday, August 2 at 8 pm ET. Native Angeleno and multi-platinum recording artist Josh Groban takes Mick on an inspiring tour of Los Angeles, paying homage to the high school teacher who gave him the confidence to succeed, stopping by the after-school Shakespeare program he personally supports and treating Mick to a moving performance of his song, Hidden Away.

ON THE RECORD WITH MICK ROCK: Kings of Leon - Premieres Sunday, August 9 at 8 pm ET. Mick discovers how the Grammy(R) Award-winning rock stars Kings of Leon escaped their Pentecostal roots to find a home in Nashville's evolving music scene. The band dishes on its rocky past and gives Mick a tour of country music's hometown, ending the day in the Kings' private studio for an exclusive jam session.

ON THE RECORD WITH MICK ROCK: Flaming Lips - Premieres Sunday, August 16 at 8 pm ET. Mick touches down in Oklahoma City to hang with the Flaming Lips and uncovers how these masters of psychedelic rock have become the surprising hometown heroes. Lead singer Wayne Coyne shows off his wacky art gallery, fills Mick in on his all-night parties with Miley Cyrus and ends the day with a performance of the group's hit song, Do You Realize??

ON THE RECORD WITH MICK ROCK: Patti LaBelle - Premieres Sunday, August 23 at 8 pm ET. GRAMMY(R) Hall of Fame artist Patti LaBelle takes Mick on a personal tour of Philadelphia, visiting the theater that launched her career and stopping by her childhood home where she first found her voice with a broomstick microphone. After grabbing a bite at her favorite soul food spot in the City of Brotherly Love, Patti invites Mick into her living room for an intimate performance of What Can I Do For You?

On the Record with Mick Rock is produced by Tricon Entertainment and RCG (Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton; It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) for Ovation TV.

For more information on Ovation TV's programming lineup, visit

The clips below are snippets from episodes in which Mick talks about his love for Snoop Dogg and how he grew to be a fan of up and comer, LP! Tune in on Sundays at 8 ET  on OvationTV for the full stories.

Friday, August 7, 2015

6 Campy Horror Movies that Will Make You Think Twice About Going to the Beach


We’re a few days into August, meaning that sadly, tragically, summer is almost over. It’s time to do as many outdoor activities as possible before the weather cools; time to hit the beach, time to go swimming, time to drink cheap beer with American flags printed on the can. But the thing is, August is hot. Really hot. Too hot. So sometimes, even though we know that we should seize the opportunity to get outside before fall, the end of summer is the perfect time to curl up in air conditioning and watch a movie. To assuage you of any guilt from staying on the couch, here are some horror movies that will bring the beach to you but will also keep you from wanting to go to the seashore for a long, long time.

Destined to Be Ingested
If you won the lottery, wouldn’t you go on vacation? Perhaps one spent sailing amongst tropical islands, with plenty of champagne and caviar? It sounds good to us, but for the characters of Destined to be Ingested, as you can tell from the title, it didn’t go so well for some wealthy American tourists who ended up ravaged on an island of cannibals. This Occupy Wall Street-style fantasy is a mix of beautiful scenery, bloody gore, and, oddly enough, a love story betwixt omnivore and cannibal.

Surf Nazis Must Die
Surf Nazis Must Die features the titular gang fighting for control of an increasingly lawless Los Angeles. Lead by Adolf, “the fuhrer of the beach,” the Surf Nazis kill gang members and innocents alike, including a young oil rig worker, Leroy. The movie really gets going when Leroy’s mother decides to avenge her son’s death, breaking out of her retirement home to annihilate the gang. This ridiculous movie, which Roger Ebert famously walked out of in 1987, is like The Warriors meets Blaxploitation meets, well, Nazis. It’s best to watch after turning off one’s sense of political correctness.

The majestic ocean is perhaps Earth’s final frontier. The deep sea is a mysterious world filled with environments unexplored, plants unidentified, and creatures unknown. For example, the Devilfish! This film’s titular monster is a military-engineered crossbreed of an octopus and a prehistoric creature that proceeds to terrorize the coast of Florida. The notorious beast significantly culls the Florida population, in a film ceaselessly derided by the B-movie-mocking series Mystery Science Theater 3000. Devilfish will scare you! It will thrill you! And in our case, it will make you desperately crave calamari.

Barracudas are creepy-looking, snakelike fish that, in the Caribbean, are often grilled into delicious filets. (Dinner) tables are turned in Barracuda, the movie, when humans become the filets! Watch as a chemically modified barracuda terrorizes a coastal town, chowing down on divers. The barracuda seems to prefer the taste of ladies in small swimsuits, but he doesn’t discriminate, eating scientists, fishermen, and even dogs. See the ocean turn red with blood, as Barracuda proceeds to kill everything in sight.

Psycho Shark
Psycho Shark may be a movie that primarily consists of teenagers splashing at each other in bikinis, but this shallow footage belies the psychodrama that lies beneath. Who is killing tourists on an idyllic beach in Japan? Is it the serial killer leaving behind bloody fingerprints? Or a giant, merciless shark? Stay tuned to find out! Vanity Fair may have said that Psycho Shark was “best forgotten,” but we at Popcornflix will never forget it. Watch it and dream of an idyllic vacation with sexy ladies on Okinawa. Well, that and an evil, spectacular CGI shark with a taste for human blood.

Blood Hook
Summer in Wisconsin is home to the “Muskie Madness” fishing festival, a veritable cornucopia of fishing-related activities and merchandise. For some, fishing is a sport that inspires both relaxation and a sense of triumph. For others, it’s deeply boring. In Blood Hook, however, fishing at Muskie Madness is a conduit to murder, as an ingenious serial killer hooks his victims like fish. Seriously, though – you have to give this guy props for coming up with an incredibly innovative way to kill. This movie will reel you in. Watch Blood Hook to learn about techniques for human fishing - they may or may not come in handy on your next trip to the lake.