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The Little Copper Penny by Stephanie Barker
In Stephenie Barker’s debut children’s book, it makes “cents” to know your worth! – Brown Books Kids is proud to introduce The Little Copper Penny, the authorial debut of Stephenie Barker, otherwise known as the “Copper Penny Lady.” Accompanied by illustrations brought to life by Cynthia Meadows, The Little Copper Penny promotes the concept of self-confidence and the importance of knowing your worth – because everyone is worth something!
In this charming story about accepting who you are, Little Copper Penny is sad because all the other coins say pennies are worthless. Luckily, Grandpa Wheat – aptly named after the iconic early 20th century penny – knows just how to help him see that no matter who (or what) you are, you have value.
“Stephenie’s passion for the penny is irresistible. She perfectly pairs an educational lesson about counting and saving money with a message about the value of self-worth, reinforcing key principles that will benefit young readers into adulthood,” says Milli Brown, founder and CEO of Brown Books Publishing Group.
The Little Copper Penny not only teaches kids the basics of making change and the monetary value of quarters, nickels and dimes, but also demonstrates the important opportunity parents (and grandparents) have to instill confidence and self-worth in their children. It’s a heartwarming reminder, for children and adults alike, that everyone has value and a place in this world.
Barker is an advocate for respecting money down to its lowest form – the penny, her favorite coin. Because they are so often cast aside, she makes it a point to pick up every penny she sees and is committed to teaching children to value each and every coin – and person – with respect, no matter how insignificant they may seem.
“The story of The Little Copper Penny has been waiting to be told for a long time,” says Barker. “And I am so excited to share it because children are never too young to appreciate the value of money and recognize the value within themselves.”
Look around. How many pennies can you find? How long does it take to collect enough to make a dollar? Five dollars? Ten? Visit the Copper Penny Lady on Facebook and share your own penny adventures, or visit 

Paulo Coehlo's Best Story

PAULO COELHO’S BEST STORY traces the journey of the prolific author from his humble roots in Brazil to his triumph as a literary guru to millions.  With multiple stays in mental institutions, experiments with drugs, and success as a rock musician in between, Coelho’s life is truly stranger than fiction.  Launched into international superstardom following the 1988 release of The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho has authored 30 books that have sold over 165 million copies in 80 different languages, with The Alchemist remaining on the New York Times Best Sellers List to this day. 

Two Worlds, Two Cultures, One Enemy

More than 700 years into the future, the only life-sustaining planet has become a faint memory, after succumbing to years of mistreatment and abuse. But human beings have escaped to form two new home worlds with very different cultures. Now, they find themselves facing the threat of a vicious alien species, and have no choice but to join forces in order to survive.

“The Silver Ships goes beyond the typical dreary world view that’s often portrayed in science fiction and the media,” says Jucha. “I want to challenge that doom and gloom by proving to readers that it’s not the end of the world. In fact, it’s just the beginning.”

In this futuristic space opera, readers discover:

Science fiction has a humanistic element at its core, illustrating mankind’s potential for future innovation.

Diversity is an essential part of the human race.

Enduring struggles and overcoming challenges is how people find their true personal strengths.


Jonesbridge: Echoes of Hinterland

In a post-apocalyptic Earth, the past is almost as uncertain as the future and the present exists with no indication of how it came to be. Set more than 200 years into the future, seventeen-year-old Myron Daw finds himself trapped inside the oppressive 'protection' of the Jonesbridge Industrial Complex in M.E. Parker's debut book, Jonesbridge: Echoes of Hinterland, the first of a three-part series.

The novel explores the relationship between Myron and Sindra, a new arrival to the complex who was snatched from her rail-walker clan. Her fiery spirit fuels Myron's hope of someday escaping the compound and completing his secret project—an airship to fly him and Sindra over the gorge that surrounds Jonesbridge to freedom they both knew before. As the pair plan their escape and their lives together, they face separation, torture and near-death during their breathtaking journey to a new beginning.
In this riveting new twist on dystopian fiction, Jonesbridge explores the themes of:

The loss of knowledge and the dangers of dependence on digital and electronic media
Finding love and beauty in a world with very little of either
Rape culture, human trafficking and the disregard for human dignity in a post-apocalyptic landscape
Human evolution and the lengths we would have to go to in order to survive mass animal extinction and toxic land 


In The Spotlight: Over 100 Voices in Music

 “In the SpotlightOver 100 Voices in Music” features the trials, tribulations and triumphs of young men and women looking to make it in the music business
Co-Founders, Dani Felt and Emily Correa, of Creative Spotlights, a New York-based creative development firm for artists, announce the launch of their new book, In theSpotlightOver 100 Voices in Music.  The book chronicles life in the music industry through the eyes of those who are living it and serves as guide for those who wish to enter the spotlight and stay inspired.  In the Spotlight is the result of the authors’ almost two years of extensive research, compilation and design work.
In the Spotlight is an inspirational guide to the music industry by those who are in it. It features interviews with various industry professionals and is geared towards a handful of different audiences, including music students in high school and college, indie artists and labels, and DIY artists looking to get some help on marketing strategy. It also gives these audiences insider access to the perspectives of musicindustry veterans. 
In the Spotlight has caught the attention of people like PledgeMusic CEO Benji Rogers, Co-Founder of ReverbNation, Lou Plaia, and David Schuler (John Legend’s Producer).  The book features interviews with music professionals from different sides of the industry, such as: celebrity vocal coach Steven Memel andproducers Arty Skye and Adam Ayan, CEO David Dufresne (Bandzoogle), key artists Ryan Cabrera and actors in Broadway musicals such as Joanna Christie.
The book is available through their website and on Amazon in mid-July and sells for $19.95 in softcover. A free digital copy of the first chapter titled “Inspiration” is downloadable here.  There are hyperlinkedmusic videos and fan pages of featured indie music artists next to their “sound bite.”  In the Spotlight is truly focused on promotion of each artist and letting their voices really be heard.  Felt and Correa both lend their own voices to this original work of art.
Emily and Dani wrote this unique and insightful book as a labor of love.  “I always dreamed of being a singer ever since I was five years old. This life-long passion for music guided me to the development of Creative Spotlights in 2011, which started off as a music blog featuring 300 interviews with indie music artists,” Dani explains. “I have a story to tell as an artist, marketing guru and entrepreneur navigating the music scene in New York for the past five years.”
Emily states that “as a coach who actually had my own unfulfilled journey as an artist too; in painting, acting and modeling and never having someone to really push me to go all the way past my life circumstances, I have felt the ups and downs all artists go through in accessing their own creative power. It's confusing to say the least! The coaching experience in this book provides light on that path, so that all music artists can discover the extent of their creative gifts, become leaders in their field and reach higher heights of prosperity, fulfillment and awareness.”
Additionally, Emily hopes to inspire all artists using her “AVA” method of “Awareness, Vision and Action” method of coaching so the music artists who read the book will be able to tap into their own creative gifts powerfully. The artist development part of each chapter showcases deep coaching questions, spiritual mantras to inspire with a fillable worksheet to stay on track. “This is a tool to truly inspire all artists so they can have a full experience and truly receive career guidance,” Emily says.
To drive buzz, the pair will be hosting their own exclusive NYC book launch party + industry mixer with a 200 + person attendee list on August 13th, 2015, at Fat Baby in the LES at 6:00 p.m. in New YorkPress/Bloggers/Media are enticed to receive complimentary admission at: and a sponsor deck is also available. MC The MarXman will be the host.
More information about the book can be found on their website ( or their Facebook page: Felt and Correa are currently seeking new voices to include in two new books focused on the acting and fashion industries set to launch by January 2016.

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