Wednesday, February 14, 2018

PosterSpy: Alternative movie posters by true movie fans

Alternative movie posters by true movie fans in PosterSpy: Alternative Movie Poster Collection

Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. would like to introduce PosterSpy: Alternative Movie Poster Collection. PosterSpy is a collection of today's best alternative posters by artists who really "get" the films, with nearly 300 posters by 58 artists from around the world. 

Way before the advent of social networks, the first, and sometimes only, visual contact you may have had with a movie was its poster. To return to this enlightened approach and escape the hard selling, marketing campaigns of today’s releases, this book pays tribute to the artists who celebrate the era when cinematographic posters made us dream. Presented by ARTtitude, this collaboration features the contemporary work of 58 different artists from the PosterSpy art community, one of the most influential groups devoted to alternative posters. The nearly 300 posters presented here cover a diverse range of genres and eras, from pop culture favorites like Star Wars and Goonies to the Wes Anderson filmography to horror and sci-fi classics. Each piece reveals intensely creative and detailed representations of films that ask the viewer to see the film in a new way and challenges the visual package included with the original release.

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Poster art for The Fly courtesy of artist Steven Key, one of the 58 artists who contributed their amazing creative work to PosterSpy

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