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Weekend at Mooster's #1: The Automatics

Welcome to my [sorta] regular column/blog post. I wanted to make a place where I could share bands that have influenced me and Mooster Records in any way. Basically, I wanna share some bad ass bands with you. I don't intend for these posts to be complete in anyway, but more of a jumping off point. It's the weekend, so welcome to WEEKEND AT MOOSTER'S

(LtoR, Jesse Sutherland, Ryan , Jesse Kimball)

For my first WEEKEND AT MOOSTER's post I chose THE AUTOMATICS from Portland, OR. THE AUTOMATICS first Mutant Pop 7" "All The Kids Just Wanna Dance" was the first time I heard them. I was hooked instantly! Everything from their buzz saw barrage of guitar to the oldies/pop flair of their simple drum beats, to the idiot savant harmonies of the Double Jesse's up front finely stitched THE AUTOMATICS badge onto my sleeve.

"THE AUTOMATICS make THE QUEERS sound like Shakespeare" - Maximum Rock N Roll #149

May and June '96 "In Disguise" release and "10 Golden Greats" (ten songs on one 7") release. "In Disguise" includes my absolute favorite AUTOMATICS tune, "Super Spy". I suggest picking it up if you can find it(try

In July 1996, THE AUTOMATICS released their first full length on MUTANT POP RECORDS. The self titled album with its bright pink cover is one of the band's finest releases in their ten year career. (hmmm....1996, that's almost 20 years ago, someone should probably be working on a 20th Anniversary edition of it on vinyl right? :) )

My favorite song from the record is "Hangin Out At EJ's"

"The Automatics revive the grass-roots punk ethic once famous on the west-coast...Like their California garage and CBGB's ancestors, they remind us that punk is also for fun-lovin' folks, not just knee-jerk malcontents" - ALTERNATIVE PRESS

"Lots of pop spirit... This is the pop-punk band of the year." - PUNK PLANET, Chicago

"Funny and Hooky! The Automatics have the unique status of being the only pop band I've allowed myself to like in easily five years...nice harmonies, buzzsaw guitars, and a handful of truely snot-nosed lyrics." - MAXIMUM ROCK'N ROLL, San Francisco

The debut album was plenty to fill our stockings for a while but THE AUTOMATICS had plenty more to give. Following the album by the  "Making Out" 7" "Fortune Teller" 7", split 10" with THE CONNIE DUNGS(a must own), a few more splits, "10 More Golden Great" and the "Karaoke Party" 7",

On the "Karaoke Party" 7" side A features an original tune, "Tokyo", along with a RAMONES cover and a SEWER TROUT cover. The flip side is all "vocals removed" versions of the same tunes for you to sing along to. BRILLIANT! I love that!

Album #2 is up next


Released on CD by MUTANT POP and on LP by LET'S DANCE RECORDS. The record came with a giant poster of the guys in a food fight with bananas ala THE DAMNED.

These first few releases by THE AUTOMATICS immensely influenced my musical tastes as a teenager and have been in constant rotation since.

Coming up with Mooster Records in the next few weeks and on the blog: an interview with artist Steven Franks, an interview with artist Ole O'Brian, more information on the MORAL CRUX 7", THE HOMEWRECKERS LP, a release from STILETTO BOMB, THE UECKERS CD, MOOSTER MANIA V(yes its coming eventually) and a special 20th Anniversary project, wink, wink, wink, nuddddge. Can I be more obvious here?

have a great weekend,

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  1. I love the Automatics, I kick myself for missing the one time they played Las Vegas