Thursday, April 16, 2015

Paul F Tompkins gets a prank call from a fake Ice- T and the REAL Ice-T listens

Funnyman Paul F. Tompkins has been one of my faves for quite a while. His comedy is first rate, his podcast appearances are legendary, he seems to be everywhere and now has a new podcast called Spontaneanation, a completely improv podcast where he first interviews an FP and then he and his crew do scenes semi-based on the interview.

In 2014, Splitsider reported on this prank call that PFT received from someone impersonating Ice-T to confront him on his own impersonation of Ice-T. This clip comes from the REAL Ice-T's own podcast in what can only be described most accurately  by my friend Edesio Sanchez-Gomez as "an impersonation Inception" well done, everyone involved

from splitsider

Listen to an Ice-T Impersonator Prank Call Paul F. Tompkins

If there's only one thing Paul F. Tompkins will be remembered for, surely it's hisspot-on Ice-T impression. Recently, a performer named Rocwell prank called Tompkins posing as Ice-T, and the real Ice-T played a recording of the call on his new podcast Final Level. It's a hilarious and adorable listen, and Tompkins even gives the impostor some killer podcasting advice. Click through to hear the clip.

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